40 Years of Creative Horsepower

40th Anniversary

It is now 40 years since Troy Lee founded his company in 1981. From painting helmets, mailboxes, planes and even turtles, Troy has combined his passion for art and the thrill for speed into a philosophy we call “Creative Horsepower”. TLD showcases this philosophy in the products we make and the helmets we paint in our custom paint shop For the World’s Fastest Racers®. Today, Troy Lee Designs has become a world leader on safety with our own line of helmets, gear and premium protection. Whether you are the casual MTB rider, off-road racer or a 240mph Indycar driver, Troy Lee Designs has something for you. We look forward to celebrating this year with the athletes who helped shape our company and helped us push the boundaries of creating safer products. We also look forward to sharing the stories from our current customers who entrust us with our products on their adventures. We’ve got some cool things in store this year so keep your eyes open and don’t miss out on our surprises. - Peace and Wheelies