Gaynor Battles for top 10 Finish

The team was eager to get back to racing after Walton and a weekend off from racing. Arriving at Sand Del Lee the facility looked amazing. But, Mother Nature was going to make it another tough weekend for the third weekend in a row. The rain had started on Thursday and persisted into Saturday.

Due to the immense amount of rain on Saturday morning the decision was made to have a meeting by the race officials. It was decided to cut first practice and only run one qualifier per class for gate positions. As well, the Motos on Saturday were shortened by 5 minutes leaving the 450 class with 25 minutes + 2 laps.

Qualifying in the mud went really well with Sam Gaynor finishing P6.

Heading in to Moto 1 the track was completely saturated with water with some sections having spots of standing water. Out of the gate things looked good for Gaynor as he sat in 5th. After Battling through the track conditions Gaynor finished in 8th. Rain kept falling for the rest of Saturday never fully allowing the track to dry up.

Sunday morning finally brought sunshine and a light breeze. But the damage to the track had already been done. It was going to be a muddy morning practice and first Moto.

When the gate dropped it was one again three Yamahas at the front. Gaynor rode a solid Moto finishing out 10th place with a sore shoulder from an early morning crash in practice.

As the guys lined up for the third and final Moto, the track was in the best shape of the weekend. It was dry and it was rough. When the gate dropped it was once again a Yamaha freight train around the first corner. Gaynor rode a hard Moto and earned the 7th position.

Round 4 Results

1. Dylan Wright #9 (Honda) 1-3-2 (67)
2. Phil Nicoletti #54 (Yamaha) 6-1-1 (65)
3. Shawn Maffenbeier #3 (Yamaha) 2-2-3 (64)
4. Matt Goerke #2 (Kawasaki) 3-5-4 (54)
5. Tyler Medaglia #5 (Kawasaki) 5-4-5 (50)
6. Keylan Meston #10 (Husqvarna) 4-6-6 (48)
7. Sam Gaynor #28 (Yamaha) 8-10-7 (38)