McElrath Maintains Points Lead With Podium Finish

Glendale, Ariz. (January 28, 2017) Ð Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTMÕs Shane McElrath rode a smart and inspired race inside the University of Phoenix Stadium, narrowly missing the win and claiming the runner-up spot. He held on to the coveted red plate and left Arizona with a four-point lead after four rounds. After settling for third last week, McElrath came into the round with more of a fire than last week. The tough track collected him during the heat race, forcing him to go to the LCQ, which he won. Thankfully the start in Glendale was long and gave McElrath the opportunity for a great start despite the tough gate pick. Even with a less than desirable gate pick, McElrath used the power of his KTM 250SX-F to propel him to a third-place start. He quickly made his way to the front where he led 11 laps. With the long-term goal of a championship in his mind, he didnÕt take any unnecessary risks after being passed and claimed second. ÒWe overcame a lot of adversity today,Ó said McElrath. ÒI had been riding a little cautious and wanted to have that fire again. That race should have been mine, but you do need to be careful when you come up on lappers and arenÕt sure what they are going to do. IÕm thankful weÕre safe after going down in the heat race.Ó The Arizona fans were treated to the rising stars of the KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge. Battling it out for three hard laps, Austin Camden and William Canaguier put on a show as they battled until the checkered flag with Camden taking the win. Evrett Clarke joined them on the podium where he finished third. Photo Credit : Jeff Kardas