Supercross Returns

In addition to the reopening of select tracks and riding areas around the US, good news has been coming in all around the moto scene with official updated race schedules. It’s official, new dates have been posted for Team TLD to return to Supercross.

Just a couple days after the tenth round in Dayton, FL where the Team TLD rookie Pierce Brown earned a personal best 6th place finish in the main, the Supercross season was suspended. The season and the Troy Lee Designs / Red Bull / KTM 250 team finally have May 31st as the official return to racing date. With an unexpected 12 weeks of off time between the tenth and eleventh round, the remaining seven rounds will be condensed into a four-week span to finish out the season in Salt Lake City, UT. See the full schedule below on when Brandon Hartranft, Derek Drake and Pierce Brown will be racing.