TLD's A1 and A2 Helmets Score Top 5 Results in Virginia Tech Helmet Safety Ratings

CORONA CA, USA, Dec 2019 --- Troy Lee Designs was the only brand to have 2 helmets included in the top 5 of MTB specific models, beating out models from Bell, POC, LaZer, Giro, Specialized, Bontrager WaveCel, Scott, Smith and many more. So far, 86 popular models of helmets have been tested at the Virginia Tech laboratory. It is worth noting that MIPS solutions took 8 of the top 10 spots, proving to be the superior solution to mitigate rotational forces.

Troy Lee Designs test highlights:
  • A2 W/MIPS : 5 Star Rating and 2nd overall MTB safety ranking
  • A1 Classic w/MIPS : 5 Star Rating and 5th overall MTB safety ranking

Virginia Tech Complete Ratings:

Craig Glaspell – Category Manager for MTB: “We are very proud to see test lab results from a 3rd party, unbiased test facility finally available to the public to gauge their buying decisions. To see both of our MIPS equipped trail helmet models in the top 5 was not a total surprise, but certainly, exciting news to share what we see in development.

We go to great lengths during all of our development to ensure that our helmets do the best job of managing high-speed impacts, low-speed impacts and rotational forces-but also provide superior fit, comfort, and ventilation in a great looking package.

We have always done our own lab tests during helmet development along with comparative testing using other top brands so it is refreshing for the consumers to finally have full transparency and a rating system from Virginia Tech. CPSC is the industry standard for all helmets sold in the USA. CPSC tests for direct impacts as well as overall safety like a field of vision, retention and roll-off tests. What is great about the Virginia Tech testing methods is the addition of rotational impacts, in which numerous clinical studies are showing these types of forces to be a leading cause of concussions.

Safety is always our priority and Troy’s 3-plus decades of working with the world’s fastest racers in a wide range of sport, from Formula One, IndyCar, Motocross and of course Mountain Biking and BMX racing has given us a large array of real-world feedback, testing, and insight that we bring to our development of all of our helmets”

Virginia Tech FAQ:

Why rate helmets?
All helmets in the market satisfy the minimum safety requirements specified by standards organizations. Prior to Virginia Tech, consumers had no way of knowing which helmets performed better than others. Virginia Tech’s work is done as part of its service mission and is 100% independent of ANY funding or influence from helmet manufacturers.

What do the ratings mean?
Simply stated, the helmet ratings identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk, more STARS equate to better protection, with 5 STARS representing the best available.

How are ratings determined?
The tests are a 3rd party-unbiased lab test developed with the Institute for Highway Safety. Through a series of impact tests, that are sport-specific and inclusive of a broad range of head impacts that athletes are likely to experience, these methods have been published as peer-reviewed articles in the annals of Biomedical Engineering. Virginia Tech’s helmet impact tests evaluate a helmet's ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity. Virginia Tech also tests impacts along the rim of the helmet something the CPSC certification standards do not test.

Will 5 STAR helmets prevent me from sustaining concussions?
No helmet is concussion-proof. Any athlete can sustain a head injury even with the very best in protection. The helmet ratings identify the helmets that best reduce your chances of sustaining a concussion.

Virginia Tech Test methodology:

About Troy Lee Designs
For over 30 years, Troy Lee has been customizing helmets “For The World’s Fastest Racers”. TLD’s relentless commitment to creating products that exceed the cutting edge of style, design, and quality, has earned them the reputation as an innovator in many different fields of racing. Troy Lee Designs offers a complete line of helmets, apparel and premium protection for Mountain Biking, BMX Racing, off-road motorcycling, sportswear, and accessories, and operates the TLD supercross and motocross teams. For more information about Troy Lee Designs, warranties and crash replacement programs visit