TLD’s Seely Puts Together First Podium Finish of the Season in Anaheim

ANAHEIM, CALIF. (January 20, 2018) – Troy Lee Designs rider Cole Seely showcased good starts and solid riding inside Angel Stadium as the Supercross series held its first three-main event format of the season. Seely took the win in Main Event 1 and remained consistent throughout the night to earn his first podium of the season in second. His effort in Anaheim helped push him up to second in the championship standings.

While the three-race format isn’t new to racers who’ve competed in the Monster Energy Cup, the change was the first for a regular supercross season. Seely adapted well right away, earning the opening Main Event win. He got out to another good start in Main Event 2 and quickly moved into second where he would finish.

The third main event was the most challenging for Seely. He did have a little luck on his side that his toughest start was also during the longest race, allowing him to push through the pack for 15 minutes plus one lap. After coming around the first lap in 14th, he put on a charge and was able to make it up to seventh, ultimately giving him a good enough score for second overall and enough points to move into second in the standings.

“Consistency was key in a format like this,” said Seely. “I was in a good spot going into the final main event, but had to come through the pack more than I wanted to. It’s a shame to miss out on the win, but after a tough last year it feels good to get to this place. It’s good to see the hard work pay off and get some momentum.”

Seely was wearing the SE Jersey Joker White and Black with the SE Pant Joker White and Black during practice before changing into GP Air Jersey Prisma Honda Red and the GP Air Pant Mono Red for the night show. He was also sporting a custom SE4 Polyacrylite Helmet Pinstripe Red.

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450SX Class Overall Results (Main Event Results)

  1. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki), 5-1-1
  2. Cole Seely (Honda), 1-2-7
  3. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna), 7-3-1
  4. Justin Brayton (Honda), 2-6-3
  5. Weston Peick (Suzuki), 4-9-5
  6. Josh Grant (Kawasaki), 6-4-8
  7. Blake Baggett (KTM), 3-10-6
  8. Justin Barcia (Yamaha), 8-5-9
  9. Ken Roczen (Honda), 11-12-4
  10. Cooper Webb (Yamaha), 10-7-11

450SX Class Points, After 3 of 17 Rounds

  1. Jason Anderson, Husqvarna, 70
  2. Cole Seely, Honda. 59
  3. Justin Barcia, Yamaha, 57
  4. Ken Roczen, Honda, 56
  5. Weston Peick, Suzuki, 54
  6. Justin Brayton, Honda, 52
  7. Josh Grant, Kawasaki, 45
  8. Blake Baggett, KTM, 43
  9. Broc Tickle, KTM, 37
  10. Cooper Webb, Yamaha, 37